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Existing Client Sites & Completed Projects


1 Page Demo (Bootstrap)

A working demo of a one-page resume site. Completely responsive and mobile compatible, you can use this site like a business card to the digital world - get your potential audience, emoployers and clients where they need to go to see your resume and get in touch with you.

*Can be built in BootStrap or WordPress

Wordpress Demo

A larger site that can support its own store, gallery, or blog - or all 3. Easy to grow with and continually updated with fresh content.

BootPress Luxe

The option with the most custimization, I build a site for you that is not only responsive and suits all your needs, it will be all hand-drawn and unique assets to really set your page and brand apart.

I take on projects of all types, spanning traditional and digital media, with lots of experience - from commercial graphics to comic art and tabletop gaming.

Check out my TeePublic.

Check out my expanded portfolio site here.

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Adobe Suite: Photoshop, Illustrator, and more WordPress development and customization
Custom graphics - Art and illustration Product and project mock-ups
Bootstrap & html websites SharePoint customization
Social Media marketing & materials UI / UX mockups & Mapping

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About Me

I'm a creative gun-for-hire with a passion for pizza, coffee, and mischief. I am a huge fan of: sci-fi, cheesy horror, and RPGs. 1000% obsessed with 80s aesthetics.

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